Is it possible to revive old peonies

Is it possible to revive old peonies

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Every plant needs care, and peonies are no exception.

You can revive old peonies, but for this it is advisable to know their age. You say that the site has not been cultivated for 10-12 years, but what is more interesting is whether the peonies grew there all this period? And maybe they were in this place before that, another 10-15 years. The thing is that regardless of the unpretentiousness of the plant, care should still be. You can abandon any plant to water, fertilize, crop, and it will continue to grow ... but how, this is another conversation, because the quality of the plant and its decorativeness can significantly change for the worse.

In fact, peonies can exist for up to 50 years, and in one place, and therefore it is not particularly clear why your peonies have come to such a state. It is quite possible that this is the old age of plants, although it is also likely that the plants simply did not receive enough moisture and nutrients, and therefore began to degrade.

Why do peony leaves twist

The cause of this effect may be various conditions, the first of which are diseases. Of course, it’s real that under the flowers there is simply poor soil, with a lack of potassium and other elements for the development of the plant and its greenery. But it is more likely that in combination with a lack of nutrition, diseases also appeared. It can be powdery mildew and peony rust. The gray rot, which also often affects peonies, is not particularly similar ...

It is up to you to save the plants or not, but you should pay attention to the age of the peonies and the total amount of damage to the plant. If more than half of the leaves and stems are affected, then there is no point in etching the greens or making cuts, most likely the peony will continue to hurt and die.

Peony bushes update

If you still decide to update the peonies and bring them into proper form, there is every chance that you will succeed. It is necessary to remove diseased stems and leaves from it, treat it with special preparations for those diseases that have been identified, and then only follow the plant’s agricultural technology.

After flowering, peonies are cut so that the aerial part is only 5-10 cm, and many are cut to the root. Then there is mulching, periodic fertilizing of the soil and so on. Be sure to follow the advice of specialists and you will succeed. But at the very beginning, try to plant peonies, they multiply by dividing the rhizome.

Peony Care

Finally, we want to once again focus on the age of the peony, because it is precisely because of old age that the plant often stops blooming. But do not be upset right away, because peonies cease to bloom even when the planting and care are incorrect, when choosing the wrong place for planting, due to lack of moisture or increased acidity of the soil, and this can already be fixed.

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