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How to prune gooseberries

How to prune gooseberries

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My gooseberry bushes almost ceased to bear fruit over time. They recommend trimming, but I don’t know how to do it. That is, in what proportion to cut, whether to cut predominantly old branches, and whether to cut off the ends of long shoots. Who has experience, share.


In order for the bush to branch well, cut the shoots that grow directly from the ground, and not from the middle of the bush. They must be shortened to the strongest outer kidney, leaving no more than a quarter of the length. And also remove all dried branches. Pay attention to the color and condition of the bark of twigs. If you find uneven, cracked twigs of black color, remove them completely. If all branches of the bush are old, then no more than a third of them should be cut. When you remove old branches, cover the sections with garden var. And yet, most importantly - pruning gooseberries should be carried out in early spring before the sap flow of the plant begins, or in the fall, after harvesting.

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