Large undersized varieties of tomatoes

Large undersized varieties of tomatoes

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Tomatoes of different varieties can vary greatly in height, and not only in the size of the fruit and their quality. This plant can be divided into tall, undersized and dwarf. It is undersized tomatoes that are very common today, since they are easy to grow and care for, and give an early harvest. If tall varieties reach about two meters, then the height of undersized ones sometimes does not exceed a meter. Is it possible to get large-fruited fruits from low-growing varieties? We'll find out right now.

Low-growing varieties

In late winter and early spring, gardeners spend their time looking for interesting and productive varieties of vegetables. This list most often includes tomato seeds; they, along with cucumbers, are considered the most popular crops in our country.

When choosing varieties, be sure to pay attention to the label. One of the characteristics of the variety contains information about the type of growth. In tomatoes, it is of two types:

  • determinant;
  • indeterminate.

The first type is plants that finish their growth at a certain period. Usually, throwing out 5-7 inflorescences, they stop growing and give up energy for flowering. Such tomatoes are considered undersized. The second type is tomatoes that grow throughout their life cycle. They are designed for long-term maturation. In this case, there are more problems with leaving: a mandatory garter and pinching are required.

However, even with low-growing varieties, it is sometimes necessary to carry out pinching, because the methods of plant formation are also different. Perhaps this is the biggest challenge for a gardener when growing a tomato.

Important! Among dwarf and undersized varieties, large-fruited are rarely found; this property may not be liked by some housewives.

The lower the plant, the smaller, as a rule, the fruits. Of course, this is not always the case. Truly large fruits (weighing from 300 grams) grow only on indeterminate plants.

Below we will present several large-fruited and low-growing varieties of tomatoes. Housewives should take a closer look at them. All of them will be distinguished by early maturity or early ripening. This quality allows many varieties to avoid late blight contamination due to the quick return of the harvest.

So, we found out that the height of the tomato bush affects:

  • ripening rate;
  • the need to tie and remove stepchildren;
  • the frequency of planting in the hole (the more compact the bush, the more often it will be possible to plant the plants);
  • the size of the fruits of tomatoes.

Standard tomatoes are considered the smallest and easiest to care for. Their height rarely exceeds 50 centimeters. It is believed that these are tomatoes for the lazy: they can be planted and forgotten. The formation of a bush does not require the removal of stepchildren, which a self-respecting gardener will do twice a week. If the area under crops is large, imagine how difficult it is to do it. The dwarf bush does not produce large-fruited tomatoes, but it can be grown even on the balcony.

Description of varieties

From a large list of undersized varieties, we have chosen popular large-fruited varieties that would delight gardeners. Below is a list with a detailed description of the tomato and a photo. This list will be useful for both beginners and experienced gardeners who may be looking for new varieties of large-fruited tomatoes.

Masterpiece of Rudas

A fairly rare variety of tomato. Despite the fact that the plant is undersized (it does not reach one meter in height), this tomato is late-ripening. The fruits are very large and round. By weight, one tomato reaches 200 grams, also possessing an unusual feature - a red-orange skin color. Late-ripening tomato varieties are also good because they can be transported over long distances and stored for up to six months. The cultivar, however, loves warmth. The taste is average, the fruit itself is dense and not very juicy. For some housewives, this is important.

Super Strain

This variety is undersized (the average height of the bush is 60 centimeters) and early maturing. Due to this, the fruits will not be stored for a long time. Taste qualities were rated by experts on a "four" on a five-point scale. The tomato is red in color, dense, tolerates transportation well. Grown in the open field, fruits weighing up to 120 grams. It is often grown for sale, and housewives use it for canning.

Raspberry Viscount

An early maturing variety with a very beautiful name. It's no secret that tomatoes will have a raspberry hue. In general, it is believed that it is the varieties of pink tomatoes that have the brightest taste. At "Raspberry Viscount" the taste is rated at "five". Fruit weight is 200-300 grams, they are considered very large. The variety is resistant to late blight, the yield is extremely high due to the mass of tomatoes. The bushes grow up to 45-50 centimeters, do not require any garter or pinching. Tomatoes do not crack when ripe, this is the problem of many large-fruited tomatoes. The ripening period does not exceed 105 days.

Rudasa SH-1

Another Rudas tomato, it is undersized, does not exceed 70 centimeters in height, the fruits reach 120 grams. This variety has an excellent yield: up to 11 kilograms of high-quality fruits can be harvested from one square meter. Scarlet color, intended for outdoor cultivation. The fruits themselves are slightly elongated, plum-like. The taste is sweet with a slight sourness. Stored well.

Hybrid "Aurelius"

It is a determinant plant that reaches a height of 90 centimeters. The average weight of the fruits is 150 grams, the taste is excellent. Bushes require a garter, they are quite compact. It can be grown successfully both in open and protected ground, the hybrid was specially bred for growing in Russia, it is very persistent. The color of the fruit is bright red, the tomato is fleshy and very tasty. It ripens in just 72 days.

Hybrid "Adelaide"

This hybrid should be grown in greenhouses as it is heat demanding. It is resistant to diseases, tomatoes are quite large, up to 160 grams. Taste qualities are rated at "four". The tomatoes are red, round and fleshy. They are good for salads. Up to nine plants can be planted per square meter.


Not very low, but also a low bush reaches 50-90 centimeters, it is compact, which allows you to plant tomatoes quite densely. The fruits become fleshy, red and quite tasty when ripe. They are large, up to 210 grams. The use of salad, the yield is very high, it is guaranteed that 8 kilograms can be harvested from a square meter. The ripening period does not exceed 100 days.

Hybrid "Azhur"

This tomato hybrid is designed for long-term storage (in cold conditions, this period is at least two months). Can be grown both outdoors and indoors. This is an ideal tomato for the south of Russia, it endures both heat and short-term drought. The ripening period is 105 days. The height of the bush reaches 80 centimeters, due to the fact that the tomatoes are large (up to 260 grams), the yield of the hybrid is high.


A very tasty tomato with a beautiful name is famous for the fact that with a small bush height (up to 70 centimeters), large fruits ripen. Some can reach 300 grams. The ripening period is 105-110 days. The variety is universal, it can be grown both in the open field and in greenhouse conditions. The yield is friendly, this variety can be grown on an industrial scale and for sale, since the fruits are leveled, they are well transported and stored for a long time.


Large-fruited varieties of tomatoes are rarely canned. Most often they are used fresh or for making sauces and pasta. So the “Ballada” variety has been rated by experts in taste for a solid “five”, it is used in salads and for processing. Fruits of dark red color reach a weight of 180 grams, the total yield per square meter is 9 kilograms. The bush is compact (60 centimeters), seedlings are planted densely both in greenhouses and in open space.

Hybrid "Bagheera"

Ripens in 85-100 days, the hybrid is quite resistant to various diseases. The bushes are compact, their height does not exceed one meter, and the weight of the fruits is 200-220 grams.

The Bagheera hybrid has excellent taste and marketability. The yield per square meter ranges from 3 to 6.9 kilograms. The fruits are red, round and fleshy, and are best eaten fresh and in salads.

Hybrid "Baroness"

The height of the bush is 60-80 centimeters, seedlings can be planted in 7-9 pieces per square according to the 50x40 scheme. This hybrid is mid-season, due to this, the taste and marketability is excellent, the tomato tastes sweet, it is used fresh and for salads. The yield is high (9 kilograms per square), the weight of the fruit is about 200 grams.

The result of growing a hybrid is shown in the video below:


The Gina variety is a great taste of a tomato weighing up to 280 grams. They will appeal to any gourmet. At the same time, the plant bush is compact, undersized, its average height is 30-60 centimeters. On each brush, 3-6 fruits are harvested, the yield is very high. The maximum ripening period is 125 days, resistance to fusarium and verticillary wilt is noted. The tomato variety can be grown indoors and outdoors, this slightly affects the ripening period, but not critical.

Yesenia hybrid

We draw attention to this tomato hybrid, which is capable of a harmonious return of the harvest even in extreme conditions for tomatoes. It belongs to the ultra-early maturing and ripens in 85-90 days. The "Yesenia" bush is determinant, reaches a height of 70 centimeters, and the fruits are quite large, up to 170 grams, round and bright red. The brush of the plant is simple, 5-6 fruits are formed on it at the same time. The hybrid is valuable for its high yield, especially if grown in greenhouses. Up to 14.5 kilograms of excellent tomatoes can be harvested from one square meter. Taste qualities are rated as "five plus".


This tomato variety is distinguished by its yellow color and excellent taste. Its bush is very compact, reaches a height of 60 centimeters, after which it stops growing (average value). Tomatoes are beautiful, bright and large. The standard weight of one fruit is 230-260 grams. Their standard round shape can be used for any dish, including processing. When grown, it is unpretentious and does not suffer from temperature extremes.


Another undersized tomato with large bright fruits. The color is not just yellow, but with a lemon tint - that is why such a name of the variety. The ripening period does not exceed 100 days, which refers this variety to early maturing. The bush is undersized of the determinant type of growth, it is advisable to tie it up, since the height reaches 70 centimeters, it is not dwarf. "Golden" is a cold-resistant tomato with a harmonious return of the harvest. The taste is excellent.

Hybrid "Cockatoo"

Another interesting hybrid of the determinant type of growth. Despite the fact that the bush sometimes reaches a meter in height, it does not grow constantly, it has an average foliage. The ripening rate is high and is only 85-90 days. During this time, dense red fruits weighing about 200 grams are formed. The hybrid is distinguished by excellent resistance to diseases and viruses, high yield (up to 19 kilograms per square meter), excellent taste of tomato.


An excellent variety of tomato is currently widespread in Russia. It does not like cold weather, therefore it is recommended for growing in regions with warm, stable summers. Ripening period 85-110 days from the moment the first shoots appear. Taste qualities are high, the use of tomato is universal. The bush is not tall, on average it reaches 40-60 centimeters and in some cases it is possible not to tie it up. The appearance of tomatoes is beautiful, this has a positive effect on the marketability. Designed for outdoor cultivation.


Talking about tomatoes, one cannot fail to mention the Sanka variety. Of course, it cannot be called one of the largest-fruited (the mass of a tomato is 100-150 grams), but with a low and compact bush, this particular variety is the most beloved by gardeners. The Sanka variety can be grown both in the open field and in greenhouses, the yield often reaches 10-15 kilograms per square meter, excellent taste and a fast ripening rate (78-85 days) - all this makes it in demand. According to some reports, it is considered the number one for many seed producers. There is hardly a gardener who has never heard of this variety.

A short video about him:


The abundance of varieties and interesting hybrids on the market today is undoubtedly a big plus. Even among low-growing tomatoes, you can choose large-fruited and very tasty ones. There is one minus - it is very difficult for a gardener to make a choice, so you often have to use the advice of third parties. We hope that the information from our list will be useful to everyone who wants to grow tasty and juicy tomatoes in the coming season for various purposes, including preservation. Low-growing varieties and hybrids will come in handy. They will require less care and less time associated with this. And what could be better than gardening for pleasure.

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