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How to deal with overgrown cherries and plums

How to deal with overgrown cherries and plums

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Hey. In that year, there was a shoot of cherries and plums around the perimeter, I didn’t touch it, I was small, I planted a pumpkin between them, and now I looked, and I have a forest. How to fight? I’ll cut it down, but the roots go 🙁 What are you doing?



Nobody wants (

I want.

Only chemistry will probably help here. And I finished raspberries in one place in the year, I teared it all up, put cardboard on top and poured grass there for the rest of the season — in the spring I want to plant potatoes there and also cover them with grass. So thank you, - they reminded me already upset.

Ahhh still remembered. Forbidden grass grew near our site, I bought poison for it. And then a neighbor saw us from afar his cherry, - threw a tantrum that we urgently need to get rid of it, or it will grow in a lush forest and I carefully sprayed leaves on it, - the cherry did not appear again.

I have the same problem with sea buckthorn. So far, only mowing helps, and then not for long.

My neighbor's turn climbs wildly, and it climbs inside the former greenhouse (only the foundation remained from it in the ground). On the rest of the plot, we mowed, and here, too, they either mowed it until it grew, or in that year the peasant contracted with an ax, a shovel. Brr! It’s also interesting how to fight

My turn is growing and I respect him very much, but the shoot gives me crazy! The neighbors are all gifted with thorns, no one needs it anymore. I raged and sprouted in the garden. They were saved only in a barrier way - iron sheets were dug into the ground, only in this way they stopped the uncontrollable!

Dig out the roots! and then the barrier put iron sheets or slate

It’s not realistic to put up a barrier (after all, do not enclose the area of ​​the garden: (you’ll have to chop 🙁

Today sown carrots, onions and beets, salad with spinach. I picked pickles from plums. And the turn (blackthorn). Except how to dig, you can’t think of a better fight with him. Such an infection.

You start to dig - and they just start to grow from this forest. We have been struggling with plum trees for many years. The roots spread under all the beds, you do not know how to dig. You cut off one sprout - in this place 5 a mountain snake grows, and not a plum.

And we have no overgrown from cherries, and a large tree died, the plum also left nothing behind (

That's right) the mountain snake) cut down one trunk and not a bush right there 🙂

We have a garden screaming and collecting it all

We have plum and cherry growing in a row along the fence and around the grass, the husband mows the grass and cuts the shoots and do not let it spread

And under our cherries the lawn grass is sown and we do not dig it - therefore, the roots do not chop and multiply around. The more you dig, the more overgrown. Well, if there is one, it can only be uprooted.

And I have a shoot from a plum, from my neighbor and my neighbor, my neighbors are good, I don’t want to quarrel, but I’m very tired of cutting it down.

I read somewhere that the shoots need to be cut down in the winter, and if in the spring it goes even more, we do it.

What poison did you use?

Roundup seems.

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