How to plant homemade seed-grown mandarin

You can plant a tangerine at home. The easiest option is to insert a stalk into a "pocket" behind the bark or into a split hemp with an even cut. You can also inoculate by the method of budding (cut with the letter "T"). In all cases, the sequence of actions is approximately the same - an incision is made on the stock, the scion is inserted and fixed with a garden tape. Then they are treated with garden varnish.

Do I need to plant mandarin

Inoculation of tangerine is necessary in most cases. If grafted from a fruiting tree, the seedling is guaranteed to yield a harvest. The specific variety does not really matter, the main thing is that it should be a variety, and not a hybrid.

At the same time, grafting tangerines from the store is undesirable, since it is not always possible to determine the name of the variety. In retail outlets, sterile hybrids are often sold, which are distinguished by good yields and keeping quality. Therefore, it is best to purchase tangerine seeds from specialized suppliers.

Will a tangerine bear fruit if it is not grafted?

A tangerine grown from a seed will bear fruit even without grafting. However, these citrus fruits will differ from those from which the seeds themselves were obtained. They can be of different sizes and tastes. The reason is that the seeds are obtained by cross-pollination of different trees (or even varieties). Therefore, genes are combined in different ways, and the new tree inevitably differs from the parental ones.

There are often cases when a tangerine grown from a seed does not produce any fruit. Wildlife grows, which can only be used for decorative purposes. There can be two reasons:

  1. The seeds are not taken from varieties, but from hybrids (for example, tangelo, natsumikan). Such varieties are sterile. Therefore, even if pollination is organized, the fruits will not form.
  2. The variety is not self-fertile, it needs cross-pollination (artificially or with the help of bees). However, the gardener may not know about this and wait for the fruits, but they will never appear.

Timing of mandarin vaccination at home

The best period when the rootstock can be grafted is early spring (second half of March). The term is selected so that the sap flow has not yet begun. Then the graft takes root well on the rootstock. If the spring time is missed, then the procedure can be carried out in late August - early September.

It is better to plant a tangerine at the very beginning of spring.

Required tools and materials

The procedure is simple, but requires some skill. To plant a tangerine at home, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • secateurs;
  • sharp blade;
  • budding knife;
  • sterile cotton wool;
  • clean cloth;
  • garden tape;
  • var (or powder of charcoal, activated carbon for disinfection of the cut).

Methods for grafting mandarin from the bone

There are many ways to plant a tangerine tree at home. Three methods are used: by bark, by splitting and budding.

For the bark

Quite an easy way to plant a tangerine. It is necessary to act in this way:

  1. Wipe the stock with a damp cloth.
  2. Make an incision in the bark at the top of the crown and open it a little.
  3. Then take the scion and sharpen it at the bottom with a knife.
  4. Insert into the rootstock incision. Secure with tape.
  5. Lubricate with garden varnish.

Advice! If necessary, you can give several similar vaccinations at the same distance from each other, moving in a circle.

Then the tangerine will have a lush crown, the tree will give several branches with a rich harvest.

Into the cleft

You can plant a tangerine in the cleavage using the following algorithm:

  1. Wipe the stock with a damp cloth or cotton wool.
  2. Remove the top or other shoot with pruning shears so that an even stump is obtained.
  3. Split it with a sharp knife.
  4. Wipe the scion with damp cotton wool.
  5. Sharpen the lower part in it (you should get a sharp wedge).
  6. Insert into the cleft, wrap with garden tape.
  7. Process with a brew. Also, the slices can be sprinkled with crushed charcoal or activated carbon.

You can plant a tangerine in a split by making a stump with an even cut on the rootstock


This method of planting a tangerine requires more steps, although both an experienced gardener and a beginner can do them. The instruction is as follows:

  1. A place for inoculation is marked on the rootstock (8 cm above the ground) and wiped with cotton wool or a rag dipped in clean water.
  2. Take a knife and cut a cut in the shape of the letter "T": width 1 cm, length 3 cm.
  3. The bark is carefully folded back from the cut obtained, forming a "pocket" for the scion.
  4. They take a stalk and find the largest bud on it. The surface layer of the bark is cleaned from it, if necessary, the scion is shortened (length 3 cm).
  5. Wipe the handle with moistened cotton wool, insert it into the "pocket" and fix it with a tape.
  6. Lubricate with garden pitch.
  7. A few days later, when the shoot starts from the grafted bud, pinch the top of the stock. This is done to stimulate the development of the newly made scion.

It is quite possible to plant a mandarin tree at home. To do this, you need to choose a grafting method, prepare tools and the tree itself.

Preparing the tree

For the stock, perform a few simple steps:

  1. For 7-10 days, you need to start intensively watering the tree with water at room temperature (pre-defend at night).
  2. Mark the site of inoculation and check how the bark is lagging. If it does not exfoliate well, you need to wait 2-3 days. If it lags normally, you can start the procedure.
  3. Before planting a tangerine, clean the place with damp cotton wool or a rag.
  4. Disinfection is carried out with vodka or an aqueous solution of alcohol (diluted 2 times).
  5. Further, all branches are removed below the grafting site. They are treated with garden pitch.

Attention! It is better not to touch the slices with your hands. They are touched with sterile cotton wool, garden tape and pitch.

Before work, it is advisable to treat your hands with an antiseptic.

Choice of rootstock and scion

A stock is a plant that is grafted onto. A graft is a culture that is tied to a stock. This allows you to give the plant new properties.

The graft can be taken from any kind of tangerine, the main condition is that it must be fruitful

When choosing, several requirements must be taken into account:

  1. The rootstock is grown from varietal mandarin seeds purchased from a special store or from suppliers. Also, the stock can be obtained by any method of vegetative propagation, for example, by cuttings (buy a young seedling).
  2. The rootstock is at least two years old. It is necessary to pay attention to the appearance (healthy, without spotting) and especially to the thickness of the shoot - the more, the better (at least 5 mm).
  3. The graft can be taken from any variety, the main thing is that the tree is already bearing fruit, i.e. gave at least one full harvest. In this case, several healthy buds should remain on the cut cuttings.
  4. Other requirements for the scion are a tree with large, tasty fruits, with good keeping quality.

Attention! Mandarin grafting is also possible on lemon, but the survival rate is poor.

The situation is similar with other citrus fruits - orange, lime, grapefruit. Therefore, it is better to plant only mandarin on a mandarin. And not from a store, but a varietal one purchased from trusted suppliers.

Step by step process

You can plant a tangerine in any way described. For example, if you choose a budding method, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Make a "T" cut.
  2. Move the edges of the cut.
  3. Take a stalk, leave 3 leaves and cut them in half.
  4. Make the bottom cut at a very sharp angle (30 degrees).
  5. Place it under the bark and secure with garden tape.
  6. Treat with garden varnish so that the cut does not dry out and the infection does not penetrate through it.
  7. When the first shoots appear, it is necessary to remove the tape so that there is no overtightening.

You can clearly see how to plant a tangerine in the video.

How to tell if a vaccination was successful

If you carry out the procedure correctly and then organize normal tree care, then almost all vaccinations will take root. Determining this visually is quite simple:

  • the stalk will turn yellow (but not dry out);
  • a shoot will appear from the scion in a few days.

A grafted mandarin produces a good harvest.

If over time the scion begins to blacken or dry out, it means that it has not taken root. Then it must be carefully removed, you can make an incision to the healthy part of the shoot. The damaged area should be sprinkled with coal powder or smeared with garden varnish so that fungal spores and other pests do not get through the wound.

Taking care of the tree after grafting

It is important not only to plant the tangerine properly, but also to take good care of the tree afterwards. Basic rules of agricultural technology:

  1. Place the plant on a south or southeast window so that it gets maximum light.
  2. In the summer, take out to the balcony, in the hot season, shade a little.
  3. Water 2 times a week with warm, settled water.
  4. In hot weather in the evening, be sure to spray the tree with a spray bottle and wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.
  5. In the second half of spring and summer, tangerine is fed every two weeks (bird droppings diluted 15 times, infusion of green grass, wood ash - scatter over the soil surface). It is also allowed to use rotted manure, compost and a mixture of peat with humus. Organics alternate with mineral dressings (in the spring - ammonium nitrate, in the summer - superphosphate with potassium salt or potassium sulfate).
  6. Young trees are replanted every year in new pots of larger diameter (+5 cm). This is done during the first four years, and then every 2-3 years.

Advice! In order to plant the tangerine successfully, in the first month after this procedure, it is advisable to create a greenhouse environment by covering the tree with a film or jar.

Periodically, the seedling is watered and ventilated.


You can plant a tangerine at home. To do this, you need to choose a quality stalk. It can be grafted behind the bark, budding and in the cleavage. After that, the plant needs special care. They carry out regular watering and feeding, if necessary, treatment from pests with Bordeaux liquid and other drugs.

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