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Not everyone has seen carrots with round fruits, but you can not only look at it, but also grow it yourself and taste it. These amazing fruits are unusually tasty, they will decorate any table, and will also be accepted with pleasure even by those children who categorically refuse to eat this useful root vegetable.

Short description

"Orange radish" - as some children call it. However, seeing such carrots in the picture, some summer residents will think that:

  • she can't grow up like that;
  • it was created by masters of genetic engineering.

These are all common misconceptions. Such carrots have been known for a very long time, at the beginning of the last century they were met in the beds of some foreign villages and towns. Of course, we owe a lot to breeders now that they are developing new varieties designed for our growing conditions, to increase yields and ensure resistance to some dangerous viruses and diseases. Most of the hybrids and varieties that you see on the shelves of horticultural stores today are breeders.

As a rule, all varieties of round carrots are early ripening, taste is high. Of course, it cannot be stored for a long time, since it is grown directly for fresh consumption.

History reference

The most famous round carrot varieties from the past, which are no longer grown today, are Grelo (Germany), Khibinskaya Greenhouse (Russia), and Davantur (France). They were planted in greenhouses. Seedlings were afraid of cold weather, so if they were planted in open ground, then only after the soil warmed up to +15 degrees Celsius.

Advice! When growing carrots, pay attention to fertilization. Mineral dressings are required, since the culture is extremely demanding for them.

But with an excess nitrogen content, the growth of the root crop stops, and the tops begin to grow. Even long varieties of carrots can become round and unsightly.

Russian breeders have developed several varieties of round or almost round carrots based on the Karotel variety, which has gained wide popularity.

Round carrot varieties

Since in Russia, orange cylindrical carrots are very popular, one cannot help but notice that any varieties of an unusual shape or color are acquired with some caution. Most often, summer residents express their doubts about the ease of cultivation and yield. Let's talk about everything in more detail, having considered several varieties and hybrids. Among the most popular today are:

  • "Parisian";
  • "Parisian Market";
  • Rondo;
  • Polar Cranberry;
  • Parmex;
  • Round Baby;
  • "Granddaughter".

Let's consider each of them in detail in order to find out whether it is profitable to grow such root crops or the summer resident should be guided only by his own interest.


Round carrots of the "Vnuchka" variety have been known not so long ago. She has excellent taste: juiciness, pulp density. The fruits are round in shape, their skin is quite smooth. A root crop of this shape is small enough, grown for canning and fresh consumption. Like children. Which is undoubtedly a plus: the fruits are aligned, resistant to flowering.

Sometimes it seems that there is little use in such cultivation, but in canned form, the root crop looks very impressive. If the hostess wants to surprise guests, this variety is perfect. Ripening early, 80-90 days is enough. Ideal for outdoor use, standard growing conditions.


This early maturing variety is demanding not only for the sun and looseness of the soil, but also for the relative "freedom" in the beds.

The round fruit is tender and good for frying as it lacks sufficient moisture. In general, the purpose of this variety of carrots is universal. It can be fried, canned, consumed fresh, put on juices and purees. Of all that will be presented today, this variety is less sweet. Sometimes this is important for those who are unhealthy with sugar. Ripens in 100 days and is picky about the sun and looseness of the soil.


The bright orange fruits will please everyone who tastes them for the first time. The color indicates that the composition contains a large amount of carotene. Round varieties of carrots can rightfully be considered the most useful, since the content of vitamins in each of them is very high.

The fruits are small, like all the others. In diameter, they reach only 3-5 centimeters, and when ripe, the seedlings are friendly and the fruits are leveled. The hybrid itself was bred by Czech breeders and is ideal for open ground. Sowing is done as standard, in April and May, depending on the weather conditions in the region. Resistant to shooting, from the moment the first shoots appear to technical maturation, 85 days pass. This is enough to plant this round carrot in central Russia.


Round carrot varieties do not differ in size. Perhaps the breeders did not set themselves the goal of creating new products in order to increase yields. Here, other points play a role: the creation of an interesting variety of carrots that would decorate any table. "Parisian" is just as small, in diameter it does not exceed 5 centimeters.

It is often called "Parisian round", it grows well both on light, loose soils, and on difficult ones in conditions that are categorically unsuitable for this culture. The thing is that the fruits do not need to grow downward, as is characteristic of root crops, due to this they do not lose their shape. The variety is ultra-early ripening, ripening under optimal conditions occurs after 75-85 days. At the same time, carrots do not crack, they are used both fresh and for processing.

"Round baby"

Often this variety is found under the name "Romeo baby". In fact, they are both represented by the same plant: small, rounded carrots. In the West, such fruits are usually called children's, hence the name. It is offered for breakfast to the younger generation in the family. As a rule, all small carrots are juicy and sweet.

The skin of this root vegetable is not smooth, has tubercles, carrots are unpretentious in cultivation and can ripen even in heavy soils. The texture of the pulp is tender. Ripens very quickly, does not crack.

This is an imported hybrid, it is not found in our stores. However, they are often ordered from online stores.

"Parisian market"

A Dutch variety that is demanding on the warmth, looseness of the soil. You can try to grow these round carrots in harsher conditions, while caring for them correctly. The skin of this root vegetable is smooth, the flesh is very delicate, colored in a bright orange color.

The fruits of this variety reach only 3-4 centimeters in diameter, ripen in a short period (to technical maturity only 75 days), are resistant to a large number of standard diseases. Does not crack, has a sweet taste, juicy. It can be planted in the ground in April-May on a site well-lit by sunlight.

"Polar cranberry"

One of the Russian varieties of round carrots, created especially for the northern regions of Russia, where the summer is very short. Round carrots are small, so they ripen quickly. In addition, it can grow in difficult conditions, in which other roots of this species would grow unsightly. Ultra-ripe carrots, Polar Cranberries, ripen in just 65 days. Seeds are sown in the ground, depending on the weather conditions in the region, from April to May. Do not worry, because already in July you can harvest.

The planting scheme for this variety is standard. What is especially important for the Urals and Siberia: seeds germinate at a temperature of + 3-4 degrees, which is considered extremely low temperatures for carrots. The pulp is high in carotene, so it is bright orange. It also contains a large amount of sugars. The fruits of carrots will not lie for a long time, but they can be preserved entirely, used in salads, soups or for frying.

Growing conditions for early maturing varieties

Let's talk about growing. Let's pay attention to the early maturity of round small carrots. She is not very demanding on the looseness of the soil, but loves sunny areas. Some varieties are quite suitable, as we have noticed, for cultivation in the north of the country, and this is very important.

Requirements for the mineral composition of the soil

Above, we have already touched on the topic of mineral fertilizers for carrots. She loves them very much. So, it is worth making fertilizing in such an amount:

  • calcium - 4 grams;
  • potassium - 5 grams;
  • phosphorus - 1.3 grams;
  • nitrogen - 3.2 grams.

Fertilizers are applied in advance based on the minimum yield of the carrot variety that is planned to be grown. Don't overdo it with nitrogen. Also, do not apply organic fertilizers, especially manure, because it makes the soil heavier, making the fruits ugly.

Watering requirements for carrots

This culture loves moisture and does not tolerate dryness. However, you need to be careful here, because excessive moisture will destroy the plant. Compliance with the watering rate, especially in humid climates, is the key to a rich harvest.

Carrots grow in depth, like all root crops. There, in the ground, she seeks moisture. If there is enough water and excess water on the surface, growth will stop. This does not apply to round carrots, but it is better not to risk it. At the stage of fruit formation, this is strictly prohibited. Don't forget about diseases and viruses.

A few more tips are presented in the video below:


Round carrots look great in a jar when canned, in whole salads, when fried and stewed, and in soups. The only disadvantage of such carrots is the yield. Due to its small size in this parameter, it will always be inferior to long varieties.

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