Tomato South Tan: reviews, photos, yield

Tomato South Tan: reviews, photos, yield

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Southern Tan tomatoes are prized for their excellent taste and unusual bright orange fruit color. The variety is grown both in open areas and under a film cover. With constant care, a high yield of fruits is obtained, which are used fresh or in further processing.

Features of the variety

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety South Tan:

  • indeterminate variety;
  • average ripening times;
  • bushes height up to 1.7 m;
  • drooping foliage;
  • yield up to 8 kg per plant.

The fruits of the Southern Tan variety have the following characteristics:

  • big sizes;
  • fleshy and juicy pulp;
  • weight from 150 to 350 g;
  • sweet taste;
  • high content of vitamins;
  • small amount of acids.

Tomatoes of the Southern Tan variety have an excellent taste. Tomatoes are used in the daily diet for the preparation of snacks and vegetable salads. The variety is suitable for soups, sauces, main courses, diet menus. In home canning, these tomatoes are used to make assorted varieties and tomato juice.

Getting seedlings

Tomato South Tan is grown in seedlings. At home, seeds are planted in containers, and 2 months after their germination, they are transferred to open ground or a greenhouse. In regions with a warm climate, it is allowed to plant seeds directly in an open area.

Planting seeds

Before planting the seeds, a substrate is prepared, consisting in equal proportions of garden soil and compost. You can add a little sand and peat to it. Preparation of the soil begins in the fall or purchase a ready-made mixture for tomato seedlings in gardening stores.

The substrate is subjected to heat treatment: it is placed in a heated microwave or oven for 15-20 minutes. A couple of weeks after disinfection, they start planting tomatoes.

To disinfect the planting material, it is treated with a solution of the EM-Baikal preparation. If tomato seeds have a bright shell, then they do not need additional processing. Producers cover them with a special nutritious shell that allows the plant to actively develop.

Advice! Tomato seeds are wrapped in a damp cloth and left in a warm place for 2 days.

For planting South Tan tomatoes, take containers with a depth of more than 10 cm. If the seeds are planted in boxes, then after germination they are dived into separate containers. To avoid picking, peat tablets or cups filled with substrate are used.

Tomato seeds are placed in the soil to a depth of 1.5 cm. Spaces equal to 2 cm are left between the plants. When using separate containers, it is recommended to plant 3 plants and then choose the strongest one. Boxes with seeds are covered with glass or foil, after which they are left in a dark, warm place.

Seedling conditions

Tomatoes germinate faster at temperatures above 25 degrees. Tomato sprouts appear after 5-8 days. Then the containers are placed in a lighted place.

Tomatoes are provided with certain conditions:

  • air temperature during the day from 20 to 25 degrees;
  • night temperatures from 8 to 12 degrees;
  • access to fresh air;
  • lack of drafts;
  • regular watering;
  • lighting for 12 hours.

A spray bottle is used for watering tomato seedlings. Water is taken at room temperature. Until 5 leaves appear on the sprouts, it is enough to water them weekly. In the future, the intensity of watering is increased once every 3-4 days.

If the seedlings have strong stems and green leaves, then they do not need feeding. When the plants appear depressed, they are fed with compound fertilizer. For 1 liter of water, 1 tsp is needed. the drug Agricola or Kornerost. Tomatoes are watered at the root.

Planting tomatoes

Tomatoes are planted in open ground or greenhouses. They should reach a height of about 30 cm and have 6-7 full leaves. Under cover, the crop yields more because it is less susceptible to changes in weather conditions.

The soil for tomatoes of the Southern Tan variety is prepared in the fall. They dig it up, add compost or rotted manure. Tomatoes are planted after pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots, onions, garlic.

Important! The culture is not located in places where peppers, eggplants, potatoes and any varieties of tomatoes grew a year earlier.

Tomatoes are planted in prepared holes. For 1 sq. m of beds have no more than 3 plants. Tomatoes are staggered in the greenhouse to facilitate caring for them.

Tomato seedlings are transferred with an earthen clod. The root system is covered with soil, the surface of which is slightly compacted. Be sure to water the plants with warm water.

Variety care

With constant care, the fruiting of tomatoes of the Southern Tan variety increases, and the plants themselves are actively developing. Variety care involves the introduction of moisture and fertilizers, the formation of a bush.

Watering tomatoes

Tomatoes Southern tan begin to watered 7-10 days after transfer to the ground. 3-5 liters of water are added under each bush. The intensity of watering is increased from the moment of flowering up to 2 times a week.

When watering, soil moisture and precipitation are taken into account if tomatoes are grown in the open air.

Advice! For irrigation, use warm water, which has settled and warmed up in barrels.

Moisture is applied under the root of the tomatoes. All events take place early in the morning or in the evening. Then the sun's rays are not dangerous and cannot cause a burn.

After watering the tomatoes, the soil under the tomatoes is loosened. The procedure is carried out carefully so as not to damage the roots of the plants.

Top dressing

During the season, South Tan tomatoes are fed three times. The first feeding is performed 2-3 weeks after the transfer of plants to a permanent place. You can use bird droppings or cow dung, from which an infusion is prepared in a ratio of 1:15.

During the flowering period, boric acid is useful for tomatoes, 2 g of which is diluted in 5 liters of water. The resulting product is sprayed with plants.

Important! When forming ovaries, tomatoes are poured with a solution consisting of 45 g of superphosphate and potassium substance in a large bucket of water.

Another similar feeding is necessary for tomatoes during fruiting. Fertilizers are applied to the soil when watering tomatoes.

Wood ash, which contains a complex of nutrients, will help to replace mineral fertilizing. It is buried in the ground or used as an infusion for watering.

Bush formation

According to its characteristics and description, the South Tan tomato variety belongs to tall plants and actively increases the green mass. Grazing allows you to avoid thickening in the garden and direct the vitality of tomatoes to the formation of ovaries and fruits. The variety is shaped to form 1 or 2 stems.

The stepchildren, growing from the leaf sinus, pinch by hand. The procedure is carried out every week. Shoots that have not reached 5 cm in length are subject to elimination.

Protection against diseases and pests

According to reviews, the South Tan tomato is prone to vertex rot. The disease develops when plants lack manganese and phosphorus, increased and acidity of soil moisture.

Top rot affects the fruit and appears as a brown spot that is soft to the touch. Gradually, the defeat covers the entire fruit, which dries up and becomes hard.

Advice! To get rid of top rot, tomatoes are sprayed with preparations with calcium and boron. The tainted fruits are eliminated.

Tomatoes also suffer from pests: beetle, bear, scoop, whitefly, spider mite. Against insects, insecticides Strela, Aktellik, Fitoverm are used.

Gardeners reviews

Raisa, 45 years old, Togliatti

I chose South Tan tomato for planting according to reviews. I planted it in open ground. The bushes are up to 1.7 m high. Tomatoes are large, oval, yellow-orange, weighed about 350 g. The flesh is oily, there are few seeds, the taste of the fruits is very sweet. The yield turned out to be average, next year I will plant the variety in a greenhouse. The variety turned out to be prone to top rot. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen preventive measures to combat the disease.

Anna, 32 years old, Penza

I planted the Southern Tan variety last year. Tomatoes grew slowly, but the result was worth it. The tomatoes turned out to be a very interesting shape, reminiscent of an orange plum. There is a lot of pulp in the fruits, the tomatoes themselves are very tasty and large, up to 400 g. The bush is tall, it must be tied up. The variety is just excellent, goes well for salads.

Sergey Viktorovich, 57 years old, Abakan

Tomatoes South Tan are one of the favorites in our family. We plant them annually, the variety gives tasty orange fruits of an elongated shape. The taste is very sweet, there is solid pulp in tomatoes. The smallest fruits grew to the size of a hen's egg. Mostly large tomatoes were harvested, even at the end of fruiting. Be sure to stepchild bushes, form one or two trunks. I noticed that the variety needs to provide access to the sun. In one greenhouse there was less light, so the yield was not the highest.


Southern Tan tomatoes are popular for their taste. The fruits of the variety are recommended to be used fresh. Plants need constant care, including watering, feeding and pinching. In addition, they provide the variety with protection from top rot and pests.

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