Five Minute: TOP 6 Jam Recipes

Five Minute: TOP 6 Jam Recipes

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The hostesses have many options for making jams and preserves for the winter in the arsenal. There are such recipes that allow you to preserve the aroma and vitamin composition of the ingredients as much as possible, there are also traditional ones: sweet and viscous, reminiscent of honey in consistency, and fruit syrup in taste. Five-minute jam combines both the first and second version of a winter dessert, it is easy to prepare and does not require complex ingredients.

Five Minute: The Fastest Strawberry Jam Recipe

Five minutes from ripe and aromatic berries is considered a popular preservation of berries in syrup. This option allows you to prepare berries for pies and muffins, as a sweet additive to pancakes and just jam for an evening winter tea party.

To prepare a sweet berry dish you will need:

  • kilogram of granulated sugar;
  • a kilogram of ripe strawberries;
  • a large spoon of lemon juice.

To preserve this dessert, it is advisable to prepare clean glass containers treated with steam in advance.

  1. The berries are washed and slightly dried, the stalks are removed. Crumpled and spoiled sorted in advance.
  2. They are transferred to a clean enameled container, pouring a layer of sugar.
  3. The container is covered with a lid and left for a couple of hours in natural conditions, so that the berries give their juice.
  4. Strawberries in syrup are sent to a low heat, brought to a boil, periodically shaking the container. Stir is not recommended, so you can violate the integrity of ripe berries.
  5. Five minutes after boiling, lemon juice is introduced, and the container is again shaken off.
  6. In hot form, they are transferred to containers and immediately rolled up.

In a similar way, a five-minute jam is prepared from garden or forest strawberries.

Raspberry Jam Five Minutes

Five-minute apricot slice

Correctly prepared on the principle of five minutes jam from unripe apricot slices to taste like marmalade in syrup.

For "marmalade" five-minute preparation of a set of ingredients:

  • one and a half kilograms of unripe apricots;
  • one and a half kilograms of granulated sugar;
  • half a liter of liquid.

Fruits are carefully sorted, seeds are removed, and spoiled fruits are sorted.

  1. Dried, peeled apricots are transferred to an enamel container, sprinkled with sugar in layers.
  2. Leave the jam overnight at room temperature, the slices during this time a little let the juice.
  3. The liquid is introduced and sent to medium heat, after boiling it is boiled for 5 minutes, left for 3 hours.
  4. Boil repeatedly and roll up in previously washed and steamed containers, roll up.

During the boiling process, jam should not be stirred with a spatula, it is better to shake the container to evenly mix the fruits in syrup.

Five-minute pine nuts jam: step-by-step cooking

The recipe for a five-minute pine nut jam refers to healing dessert dishes. The nuts themselves have immunomodulating properties, their long-term heat treatment is not recommended, a five-minute time interval will be quite enough.

The main ingredients of a five-minute dessert are:

  • about a kilogram of peeled cedar nuts;
  • kilogram of sugar;
  • 300 milliliters of pure water.

To prepare this sweet dish and block it for the winter, sterile glass containers should be prepared in advance.

  1. Nuts are sorted, sorted out spoiled, fry in a pan until a delicate nutty flavor appears, avoiding burning.
  2. Toasted enamel pan is transferred toasted nuts, covered with sugar, sent to low heat.
  3. After complete dissolution of the granulated sugar, water is poured into the mixture, stirred and refluxed.
  4. After a five-minute boil, the jam is transferred to prepared containers and immediately rolled up.

Keep such a winter dessert in a cool and dark place.

Blackcurrant Citrus Five Minute

A vitaminized dessert made from citrus fruits and blackcurrant berries is distinguished not only by its exquisite taste, but also by a unique set of vitamins and minerals.

To prepare a fortified winter dessert, the housewives will need:

  • a kilogram of currant berries;
  • one and a half kilograms of sugar;
  • 2 oranges.

A vitamin treat is being prepared for the winter when the currant ripens completely, it is removed from the branches and immediately processed.

  1. Fresh berries are thoroughly washed, allow excess liquid to drain and grind into pulp using a meat grinder.
  2. Oranges are washed, cut into slices together with the peel, the bones are removed and ground in a meat grinder, mixed with currant gruel.
  3. Sugar is added and mixed again. Heat the mixture over low heat until it boils, and then cook for 5 minutes.
  4. Transfer the sweetness to prepared containers and immediately roll up.

After five minutes have cooled, the banks are sent for storage to the pantry or cellar.

Five-Minute Orange Jam Recipe

A five-minute orange jam is considered a real delicacy. His taste is special, exotic and a little unusual. The whole set of nutrients is preserved, which makes this dessert an indispensable helper of immunity in the winter. The main ingredient of the sweetness is an orange taken with the peel. For an exotic five-minute need:

  • a couple of oranges;
  • 2 ½ cup sugar;
  • glass of water.

Cooking sequence:

  1. Fruit is washed and peeled. The peel from one orange is thrown away, from the second cut into thin strips or chopped using a blender.
  2. Orange pulp is crushed into cubes, sent to a clean enameled container, water is added.
  3. Sugar and zest are introduced, heated over low heat, brought to a boil and boiled for 5 minutes.
  4. The hot sweet dish is transferred to prepared clean containers, rolled up.

Culinary experts recommend storing such jam in coolness and darkness: this way it will better preserve its taste and useful properties.

Cherry Dessert with Lemon

Those who don’t like too sweet winter desserts will like a five-minute cherry recipe with lemon. This jam has a special aroma and unusual appearance.

For aromatic jam you will need the components:

  • a kilogram of cherry berries;
  • kilogram of sugar;
  • lemon.

Before cooking, the berries are sorted, washed and seeds are removed.

  1. Berries will be mixed in a clean enameled container, covered with sugar.
  2. The lemon peel is grated, juice is squeezed out of the fruit.
  3. All the ingredients are mixed, sent to the fire, brought to a boil and boiled for 5 minutes.
  4. The mixture is left for several hours, after which it is boiled again for 5 minutes, transferred to sterile containers and rolled up.

Such winter blockage persists in any conditions. Culinary experts recommend that berries not selected for this dessert be ripe and dense.

Five Minute Cherry Jam

Many five-minute recipes will help you stock up on a fragrant and special dessert for the winter. Berries and fruits can be used any, but very sweet to diversify acidic fruit additives. Five minutes of assorted ripe berries and fruits are also considered tasty.

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