How to get rid of black aphids on viburnum

How to get rid of black aphids on viburnum

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You can fight aphids on viburnum with affordable folk remedies - herbal infusions, solutions of pharmaceutical preparations. Insecticides are also helpful. But it is better not to start the situation and carry out preventive treatment in early spring. If you urgently need to get rid of the invasion of pests, it is better to immediately treat it with chemicals.

What does aphid look like

Black aphid is one of the most common species along with green aphid. It is an insect with a dark-colored body, 1.5 to 2.5 mm long. Has an angular head with antennae located on the forehead. Wings can be present (one pair) or absent (depending on the stage of development). The legs are walking, the front pair is jumping, due to which they easily move along the branches of viburnum and other plants.

Black aphids go through several stages of development:

  1. Egg - the pest hibernates on viburnum and other perennials.
  2. The founder is a wingless larva. Appears in spring from an egg and begins to feed on juices. After breeding, it gives another 50 larvae.
  3. Wingless virgin. These are the larvae that were born from the founder. Give several new generations.
  4. The settler is the stage of the winged generation of aphids.
  5. Normal male and oviparous female - emerge from the larvae of the previous generation and lay eggs again for the winter, after which the cycle repeats.

Black aphid feeds on plant juices, which leads to wilting of the leaves.

Pest colonies are very dangerous, as insects stick to all plants, methodically destroying them. They harm delicate leaves, flowers, ovaries, buds, buds. This leads to a decrease in the yield of viburnum, so you should get rid of the aphids as soon as possible.

Signs of the appearance of a pest on viburnum

The body of an insect can be seen with the naked eye. Black aphid, unlike green aphid, contrasts against the background of viburnum leaves and flowers. The invasion is always numerous, so it is easy to detect it visually.

There are other signs of the appearance of a pest on viburnum:

  • deformation of apical leaves and thin shoots;
  • white bloom;
  • withering of the crown;
  • a sticky, slightly viscous liquid appears;
  • general unhealthy appearance, developmental delay.

Attention! An indirect sign of the appearance of aphids on viburnum is a large invasion of ants.

Insects help each other survive. If anthills are found on the site, they must be totally destroyed, for example, with boiling water, a shovel, any liquid oil or using chemicals.

How to deal with aphids on viburnum

You can get rid of aphids on viburnum in different ways: folk remedies, chemical and biological preparations. You need to act in the following sequence:

  1. Inspect the viburnum and assess the scale of the pest infestation.
  2. At the first stages, carry out 2-3 treatments with folk remedies (both affected trees and healthy ones).
  3. If these measures do not help, special preparations are used to protect the viburnum from aphids.

Aphid preparations

Insecticides of various origins are effective against aphids:

  1. Biological - at the fruiting stage (including when the berries are green).
  2. Chemical - at all other stages (including early spring for prevention).

Biological insecticides include the following:

  • "Letto";
  • Fitoverm;
  • "Bio-discharge";
  • "Vertimek";
  • "Bitoxibacillin" and others.

You can get rid of aphids with the help of "Fitoverma" and other effective means

Examples of popular aphid chemicals:

  • Biotlin;
  • Aktara;
  • "Match";
  • "Confidor";
  • Inta-Vir;
  • "Decis";
  • "Karbofos";
  • "Karate" and others.

The funds are prepared according to the instructions - they are diluted in water in the specified amount, mixed and poured into a spray bottle. Some drugs pose a certain danger to humans, pets, bees. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the toxicity class and, if necessary, work with gloves, a mask, glasses and special clothing.

Important! From the moment of the last treatment of viburnum from aphids to picking berries, at least 3-5 days should pass. The specific waiting period is indicated in the instructions. It depends on the characteristics of the drug.

Folk remedies

You can get rid of black aphids on viburnum with the help of folk remedies. These are water infusions or decoctions of herbs, root crops and other raw materials. They need to be prepared based on a standard bucket of water (10 liters), then strain the solution, pour it into a spray bottle and start processing. Spraying is best done late in the evening in dry and calm weather. If rain is predicted, it is better to wait for sunny days.

Soap solution

Soap shavings help get rid of black aphids on viburnum, especially in the early stages

For cooking, take a large piece of tar or laundry soap (250-300 g), rub it on a grater and transfer it to a bucket of water. Stirred, insist for an hour and proceed to processing.

Advice! Soapy solution can be added to herbal decoctions and other means to get rid of black aphids on viburnum. Thanks to this, the droplets will better adhere to the surface of the sheet and stay on it longer.

Chili pepper infusion

Take two small or one large pod of hot chili peppers and chop it finely. Put in boiling water (1 l) and insist under the lid for several hours. It is filtered and diluted to 10 l, then treated with viburnum. This remedy helps to get rid of black aphids in just a few days.

Hot chili peppers are effective in pest control

Infusion of onion with husk

To get rid of black aphids on viburnum, take two large onions along with husks (an arbitrary amount), grind well and pour a bucket of warm water. Insist up to four days, dilute and add 2 tbsp. l. liquid soap or shavings, mix and spray with viburnum.

Onion peels are a good remedy for pests on plants

Garlic infusion

Another way to get rid of black aphids on seedlings is to take two heads of garlic, chop along with the husk (you can add green arrows), pour a bucket of water and let stand for a day. Then strain and spray the leaves and shoots.

To enhance the effect, a solution of laundry soap is added to the garlic infusion

Horse sorrel infusion

If a lot of horse sorrel grows on the site or nearby, you can get rid of black aphids on viburnum with the help of this plant. Dig up several bushes of weed and cut off the root, grind, take 300 g and pour 10 liters of hot, but not boiling water. Insist day, filter and proceed to processing.

Horse sorrel infusion is a good spraying agent against pests.

Pharmacy preparations

You can get rid of black aphids on viburnum with the help of conventional pharmacy products. They need to be dissolved in 10 liters of water. This will require:

  • hydrogen peroxide - 20 tbsp. l .;
  • ammonia - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • alcohol iodine - 10 drops;
  • milk of any fat content - 0.5 l;
  • powder mustard - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • baking soda - 10 tbsp l.

To effectively get rid of black aphids, it is recommended to add liquid soap or household shavings to the solution.

Dried Citrus Peel

You can process viburnum from black aphids with infusion of lemon peel, orange and other citrus fruits. Take 300 g of dry crusts, grind thoroughly and soak in 1 liter of water for a day. Boil after boiling for 15 minutes, filter and bring the volume to 10 liters.

Citrus remedy allows you to get rid of black aphids on viburnum in 1-2 treatments

Infusion of wood ash

Wood ash also helps to get rid of black aphids on viburnum. Take a glass of raw materials and insist in a bucket for several hours. Then they start processing.

Infusion of tobacco dust

Two glasses of tobacco dust (makhorka) must be added to a bucket of boiling water. They insist for three days. Add 5 tbsp. shavings of laundry soap. The tool has shown its effectiveness, it helps to get rid of aphids both on viburnum and on other plants.

You can get rid of aphids on viburnum by treating with tobacco dust infusion

Infusion of marigold flowers

Another way is to collect marigold flowers, dry them and chop them. Select an arbitrary number of inflorescences (150-200 g) and pour boiling water (10 l). Let it stand for two days, after which they start spraying.

Infusion of marigolds will help get rid of black aphids on viburnum

Plants that repel aphids

As repellents are used: onions, garlic, basil, rosemary, nasturtium, mustard, mint, tansy, thyme and others.

They are planted in beds, next to the trunk circle, in the aisles, not far from the flower beds, as well as along the borders of the garden. Almost all of these plants are unpretentious, so it is not difficult to grow them. Moreover, they not only help to get rid of black aphids on viburnum, but also decorate the site. Some of them are used for food.


Getting rid of black aphids is always more difficult than preventing its massive spread on viburnum and other trees and shrubs. Therefore, it is recommended to take such preventive measures:

  1. Every autumn, after leaf fall, the entire area is carefully cleaned. Leaves, branches and weeds are removed, especially in the near-stem circle of the viburnum.
  2. In early spring, trees are treated with any insecticide or folk remedies.
  3. In the spring, it is necessary to whitewash the viburnum trunks with slaked lime (2 kg per 10 liters of water, for quicklime the ratio is 1 kg per 10 liters).
  4. To begin the destruction of the pest as early as possible, periodically inspect the viburnum and other plants for the presence of black aphids.
  5. Attract natural enemies such as ladybugs. They are able to destroy aphids. To do this, dill, parsley, coriander, cumin, mint and other fragrant plants are planted in the garden.


You can fight aphids on viburnum quite successfully if you identify the invasion of pests as early as possible. With a slight lesion, folk remedies are used - decoctions, infusions, solutions. If they do not give the desired result, chemical or biological insecticides should be used.

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