Gasoline and electric snow blower Champion

Gasoline and electric snow blower Champion

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More and more snow removal equipment is on the shelves of shops, which helps the owners of suburban areas to cope with snow. One of the most popular snow blower companies is the American company Champion. The products of this company have proven themselves only on the good side: the equipment is of high quality, productive, lasts a long time and rarely breaks down.

This article will be about the Champion line of snow blowers. Here you can find a list of the advantages of American snowplowing equipment, model varieties and owner reviews.

The main characteristics of the Champion

The Champion snow blower has several distinctive features that set it apart from such equipment:

  • the Champion's launch system is combined, which provides an easy and quick start;
  • snow blower control is very simple;
  • the direction of the chute throwing snow can be changed using a handle that rotates 190 degrees;
  • in the lineup there are models capable of throwing snow 10-15 meters to the side.

According to the principle of operation, all Champion snow blowers are divided into two large categories:

  1. Single stage. This technique requires manual operation, the Champion is equipped with a rubber auger and is compact and manoeuvrable. The snow blower weighs no more than 35 kg, it is equipped with wheels, so it is very easy and convenient to operate the equipment. The one-stage snow blower Champion is intended for clearing fresh loose snow, it is suitable for cleaning small yards, sidewalks and entrances. The power of the motors does not exceed 5 hp, but such a snow blower is inexpensive.
  2. Two-stage. Such a snow blower is self-propelled, it is a more complex technique, it has several gears, an auger with teeth, a heated handle, a headlight and other accessories. You can work with this technique even in the dark, the motor power is enough for cleaning large areas and compressed snow. The Champion line includes wheeled and tracked models, all of them self-propelled. A person does not have to make efforts, the power of the snow blower is enough not only for the rotation of the auger, but also for the movement of wheels or tracks.

Advice! It is necessary to choose the design of the Champion snowblower based on two factors: the area of ​​your own plot and the amount of the budget allocated for the purchase of equipment.

By engine type, all Champion snow blowers are divided into:

  • Electric models are compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable. They are designed for cleaning small adjoining areas, at a time the machine cleans a strip 0.5 meters wide. The power of the electric motor is 1.6 kW. The vibration and noise levels of the Champion electric snow blower are quite low.
  • Champion petrol snow blowers come in a variety of weights and dimensions, depending on the power of the engine. There are several models in the manufacturer's line that differ in engine size. A distinctive feature of Champion snow blowers is low fuel consumption for any engine power.

Any Champion snow blower has high performance and reliability. Such equipment rarely breaks down; in case of a breakdown, you can contact the service center (there are a lot of such centers on the territory of Russia).

Snow blower Champion ST656

This is the smallest model of the entire Champion line. The machine is intended for clearing snow from small areas, courtyards, entrances, paths and sidewalks. However, the power of the snow blower is decent, it allows you to remove even half-meter snow drifts.

The upper layer of loose snow is captured by the air flow, and the ice formed at the bottom is broken by a metal auger.

The engine in the ST656 Champion is a four-stroke, single-cylinder, so the owner does not have to check the oil level frequently. The motor runs quietly and is economical.

The maximum distance that snow can be thrown is 12 meters. This value is easily adjustable. The snow blower chute is made of durable plastic, so the snow does not stick, and the equipment itself does not rust.

The gearbox in this model of the Champion is five-speed, which makes it easy to adjust the speed of movement. The frame is made of thick metal, it is sturdy and sturdy. The wheels are equipped with a protector, the snow blower does not slip, it walks confidently even on ice.

Attention! Compressed snow and ice must be removed in the lowest gear.

Such a Champion snow blower weighs more than seventy kilograms, its engine power is 5.5 hp. The car consumes 800 ml of AI-92 gasoline per hour.

Snow blower Champion ST656BS

This model of snowblower is more powerful, its performance is sufficient for clearing snow in parks, parking lots, playgrounds, near shops.

The champion is equipped with a sharp-toothed auger that breaks up ice and packed snow. The crushed snow mass is thrown by the device 15 meters (this distance can be adjusted).

The branch pipe is made of durable steel, therefore it is able to withstand a lot of even wet snow. The operator can change the performance of the Champion in the settings, thereby adjusting the movement of snow masses along the branch pipe.

The characteristics of the Champion ST656BS snow blower are as follows:

  • high performance;
  • maneuverability;
  • easy start in any weather;
  • 7.5 h.p. power;
  • economical consumption of gasoline;
  • 8 speeds;
  • the presence of a headlight.

Important! This model of the Champion, if necessary, can be started from the 220 V.

Snow blower Champion STT1170E

This machine is self-propelled, moving on its own tracks. You need to buy such a snow blower to clear large areas, the performance of the machine allows this. The STT1170E model is considered professional equipment.

The features of the tracked Champion are as follows:

  • the ability to adjust the range of emission of snow masses;
  • the bucket rotates in three positions;
  • there is a heating of the carburetor, which ensures the start of the snow blower in severe frosts;
  • one of the tracks can be blocked;
  • engine power - 11 hp, this allows the snow blower to move on slopes, overcome snow drifts, drive on ice;
  • with a tank volume of 6 liters, the car consumes 1.8 liters of gasoline per hour;
  • the bucket grabs a strip of snow 70 cm wide and 55 cm high.

The tracked Champion weighs more than 130 kg!

Snow blower Champion STE1650

Owner reviews of this electric model of a snow blower are only positive, thanks to the maneuverability and compactness of this device. With its small dimensions, the car is quite productive: it will clear paths in the garden, the entrance to the garage and the territory of a small yard.

The electric Champion has the following specifications:

  • engine power - 1.6 kW;
  • simple control;
  • low noise level;
  • the presence of a manual start and from the network;
  • two speeds;
  • width of the cleared strip 50 cm;
  • low cost.

Important! Consumers value the electric snow blower the most for its compact size. In the warm season, such equipment can be easily folded up and put away in a secluded place until next winter.

Champion ST1074BS

Another industrial model designed for snow clearing in large areas. This car runs on rubber wheels and is equipped with a gasoline engine.

The advantages of the snow blower Champion ST1074BS are as follows:

  • reliable air-cooled, single-cylinder pushrod motor;
  • 10 h.p. power;
  • 6-liter tank providing several hours of trouble-free operation;
  • 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds;
  • clearing a strip 74 cm wide and 58 cm high in one pass;
  • the ability to work with ice and caked old snow;
  • the presence of a headlight allows you to work at night;
  • equipment weight up to 100 kg.

Like all Champion snow blowers, this model has an important plus - it is very reliable, practically does not break and rarely needs maintenance.

Among the presented Champion snow blowers, everyone can find a suitable model for themselves. The line of machines is varied and adapted to any wallet. The most powerful models are suitable for clearing snow in large areas with complex geometry, more compact machines can easily cope with snow and ice in ordinary local areas.

All equipment of the American company Champion is distinguished by its durability and high reliability.


Sergey S., Lviv

Last year we were building a house, and it was necessary to provide access for heavy equipment (tractors, excavators) from the rear of the site. The site was abandoned, there was a tall weeds, the snow was packed and covered with several layers of ice.
We decided to buy Champion ST556 in order to clear this area and subsequently use a snow blower to clear the entrance to the house and the yard itself. The machine coped with its task perfectly: weeds and branches were crushed by the auger along with the snow and flew out in the form of dust. The Champion took the caked snow and ice in a couple of passes. The machine easily cleans up a freshly fallen snow in first gear, raking in a full bucket. A large area of ​​27 acres was completely cleaned in 3.5 hours.
We are using the Champion for the second winter, and we are quite happy. The technique is durable, consumes little gasoline, does not break. The only thing the new owner needs to know is that stones and cones (if any on the site) will fly out of the chute at a breakneck speed, so you need to be careful when working.

Watch the video: Champion 224cc 24-Inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Electric Start and LED Overview 100498 (December 2022).

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