Tomato Pink Flamingo: reviews, photos, yield

Tomatoes are grown at each site. For many summer residents, this is just an opportunity to provide a family with tasty healthy fruits. But some carefully choose tomato varieties in order to get not only taste, but also aesthetic pleasure. Tomato variety Pink flamingo cannot be classified as a variety that does not require knowledge and effort. If you grow it without adhering to agrotechnical requirements, then the yield will be lower, and the tomatoes are not so tasty, and the varietal characteristics are not sustained.

In order for the Pink Flamingo tomato variety to meet all expectations, you need:

  • create optimal conditions for plants to develop;
  • carefully comply with all agrotechnical requirements;
  • provide competent and timely care for tomatoes.

Despite the strict requirements of this variety, it is very popular with pink tomato lovers. This is due to its quality characteristics. According to reviews, the Pink Flamingo tomato can be stored for a long time. If you provide the fruits with proper storage, then until the New Year you will enjoy fresh tomatoes.

In the photo - ripe tomatoes of the Pink Flamingo variety.


Flamingos are classified as indeterminate tomatoes. These are tomato varieties in which the growth of the stem is not limited and continues during the fruiting period. Therefore, the description of the Pink Flamingo tomato must begin with this characteristic. After all, the care and requirements of agricultural technology of such varieties differ from the determinant ones. The height of the plant in an adult state reaches two meters, which means that you cannot do without a garter and formation.

According to the ripening period, the Pink Flamingo tomato is considered mid-season and the first fruits are ready for tasting 110-115 days after seed germination. Some gardeners note that under very favorable circumstances, fruit ripening occurs after 95 days. But this is not the rule, but the exception.

Fruits resemble plums in shape, large, medium in density. A distinctive feature of the variety is the absence of a green spot near the stalk. Usually large tomatoes have such a spot, but the pink flamingo tomatoes are uniformly colored over the entire surface. The average weight of one tomato varies from 150 to 200 grams, therefore, the variety is considered large-fruited. The color of the "cream" is pink, it can be lighter or darker depending on the growing conditions. There are no small tomatoes on the bush.

The taste of tomatoes Pink flamingos, according to vegetable growers, is amazing - sweet, the fruits are juicy and dense, which can be clearly seen in the photo.

The value of the variety is increased due to the versatility of the purpose of the fruit. Fresh tomatoes are so tasty that housewives do not even want to subject them to heat treatment. Snacks and salads are the main uses for pink cream tomatoes. When harvested, the variety is excellent for canning. Again, it wins in taste and color. For the preparation of juices, pink tomatoes are used less often due to their pale color, but for connoisseurs of taste this is not an obstacle. The juice is sweetish, juicy, with a pleasant tomato aroma.

In the description of Pink Flamingo tomatoes, it is necessary to add about the ability of the bushes to grow with the same productivity in protected and open ground.

The yield of pink tomatoes cannot be attributed to very high, but stability is considered the main quality, especially when performing important points of care.

Differs among other pink varieties of tomatoes in good resistance to diseases.

Important! The variety is very dependent on the fulfillment of the requirements of agricultural technology. If you do not fulfill them, you can not wait for the harvest.

This factor does not frighten gardeners at all. After making an effort, they end up with amazingly beautiful and delicious pink tomatoes. A photo and description of care according to the stages of plant development will help you get to know more about the amazing variety of pink flamingo tomato.

Advantages and possible disadvantages

In the description of Pink Flamingo tomatoes, I want to see only one advantage. After all, the fruits are famous for their taste and appearance. But some farmers in their reviews note the average yield of the Pink Flamingo tomato as a disadvantage, and these data are supported by photos of plants from the plots. In successful years with good climatic conditions and careful care from 1 sq. m of planting area, you can collect about 10 kg of large fruits.

In ordinary ones - no more than 5-7 kg. However, this information falls into different categories. Some for disadvantages, and some just for features.

The advantages of plants of this variety are much greater, and they are more significant.

Long-term fruiting. Until the very frost, ovaries form on the bushes, besides, the plants look very decorative in the autumn area.

Resistance to a sufficient number of "tomato" diseases. Although this advantage does not serve as a reason to refuse preventive treatments for bushes. Plants need help during the growing season so that they can provide their owners with a tasty harvest by the end of the season.

Another valuable characteristic is resistance to weather fluctuations and unfavorable climatic conditions. But a drop in temperature, lack of moisture and low air humidity, the Pink Flamingo variety is able to withstand temporarily. For constant resistance to negative factors, plants do not have enough strength.

And, finally, keeping quality or storage capacity and good transportability. Every housewife wants to have fresh tomatoes on the table for as long as possible. If you create comfortable conditions for the variety, then there will be no problems with preparing salads for 2-3 months. Unripe fruits perfectly reach the desired degree of maturity in a warm room.

The nuances of growing seedlings of pink tomatoes

The exactingness of tomatoes of any kind to the composition of the soil is known to all vegetable growers. Flamingo Pink Cream is no exception. Therefore, when allocating a site for growing a variety, pay attention to the fertility of the land. If this figure is reduced, then apply the required amount of fertilizer in advance. Well nourishes the soil with organic matter added at the time of autumn digging. For greenhouses, you will also need fertile, disinfected soil of good quality.

Seeds must be prepared for sowing - disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate, followed by washing with clean water.

It is very important to disinfect not only the soil and seeds, but also the container for seedlings. Sowing is scheduled for the end of March or the first decade of April. It is impossible to postpone the term later - mid-season tomatoes may not have time to ripen. Reviews of the germination of seedlings of pink flamingo tomatoes are positive, which can be confirmed by photos of seedlings.

Seedling care consists of standard items - watering, airing, hardening, feeding. We must not forget about sufficient lighting and a comfortable temperature for the seedlings.

Important! Pay particular attention to hardening the tomato seedlings and the temperature of the water for irrigation. It shouldn't be cold.

Young seedlings dive in the phase of two true leaves, and transplant to a permanent place is done 65-70 days after the appearance of the first shoots. Landing scheme - 30x70 cm.

Adult plant care

Once the seedlings are transplanted into permanent soil, it is time for careful care.

Even if you applied fertilizers to the soil, you cannot do without additional fertilizing of tomato bushes. During the season, 2-3 fertilizing with complex formulations is performed. It is important to use both organic and mineral fertilizers.

The first time you need to make food 2 weeks after disembarking the seedlings. At this time, organic matter is suitable - bird droppings or mullein. It is important to maintain the proportions at the time of preparation of the solution. 300 grams of wood ash and 50 grams of superphosphate are added to a bucket of the finished solution. The composition is applied under the plants, this amount is enough to feed 20 bushes. In subsequent periods - flowering, fruit formation, they continue to feed the tomatoes with appropriate mineral supplements.

Important! Any top dressing must be combined with watering.

For irrigation, they take settled warm water. And the time for the procedure is chosen early in the morning or after sunset, so that the sun's rays do not burn the delicate leaves.

Due to the fact that in the description of the Pink Flamingo tomato variety, the growth of the bushes is by no means small, they require formation and garters, as in the photo:

When growing a variety, it is important not to forget about pinching. To get a decent harvest of large tomatoes, no more than 4-5 brushes are left on the bush.

Anyone who has chosen pink tomatoes for planting should not forget that pink Flamingo is both demanding and grateful plant. Therefore, any care effort will lead to a good result. You can clearly see this by watching the video:


Tamara Zabolotova, Samara

I like to tinker at the dacha. I enjoy both the work and the result. I pay special attention to the Pink Flamingo Cream. An amazingly beautiful and delicious tomato. On the ridge, it looks like a vegetable bed. Harmonious development of the bush, beautiful leaves and fruits - a solid aesthetics. But you need to shape and look after.

Name, age, Angarsk

Our pink flamingo is an elite variety. For grandchildren and guests of honor. You will never go wrong, it will help out both with taste and beauty. We grow seedlings ourselves. There is no more trouble with her than with other cultures, only we temper it more. But we pay attention to adult bushes every day. With good observation and timely action, no culture will make you worry.

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