Peretz Admiral Ushakov F1

Peretz Admiral Ushakov F1

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Sweet bell pepper "Admiral Ushakov" proudly bears the name of the great Russian naval commander. This variety is appreciated for its versatility, high yield, pleasant taste, delicate aroma and high content of nutrients - vitamins and minerals.

Brief description of the species

Pepper "Admiral Ushakov F1" belongs to mid-season hybrids. The ripening period for fruits is 112-130 days. Bushes of medium size, reaching a height of 80 cm. The peppercorns are large, cuboid, bright red. The mass of a mature vegetable ranges from 230 to 300 grams. The thickness of the walls of the fleshy layer of the fruit is 7-8 mm. A high-yielding variety that does not require special growing and care conditions. After harvesting, vegetables are perfectly stored without special temperature regimes. The value of a vegetable as a food product is great. Peppers can be frozen, pickled, eaten raw, stuffed.

Strengths of bell pepper

The "Admiral Ushakov" variety has a number of advantages over the classic varieties:

  • versatility: suitable for growing in open ground and greenhouses;
  • unpretentiousness: does not require the creation of special conditions for growing;
  • high yield: up to 8 kg per square meter;
  • resistance to diseases and pests;
  • long storage period without special conditions;
  • richness of vitamins and sugars.

Advice! The greatest benefit for the body is provided by the use of fresh pepper. Ripe fruits contain a large amount of vitamins of group A, carotene and sugars.

Judging by the reviews, many amateur gardeners have recently increasingly opted for hybrid varieties. No wonder. Hybrids today are in no way inferior in quality to already established varieties. Ease of cultivation, resistance to temperature extremes and attack by pests gives "Admiral Ushakov" undeniable advantages.


Elena Viktorovna, 46 years old, Perm

For a long time I experimented with seeds and varieties of sweet peppers, until I finally acquired the Admiral Ushakov hybrid. At first I was fascinated by the name and the picture on the seed package. When I planted the seedlings, I was pleasantly surprised that there was no need to "shake" over it for any reason. The bushes grew well, quickly, and did not hurt. In the middle of summer, "Admiral" pleased me with very bright and incredibly tasty fruits, which hung in large quantities from a small bush. I was also pleased with the fact that cut vegetables are stored for a long time and do not lose their appearance even when stored in the refrigerator.

Grigory Vikentievich, 64 years old, Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus

My wife is very fond of stuffing bell peppers and making salads and lecho from it, so it takes pride of place on the site. Growing such a beloved vegetable used to take a lot of time and effort. With the advent of hybrids, things have become much easier. The yield is high, the taste is high, and the money and energy saved can be spent on yourself and your family.

Watch the video: Russian Destroyer Admiral Ushakov In Action (January 2023).

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