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Cherry Northern

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In order to choose the optimal cherry variety, which will delight you for more than one year, it is necessary to take into account the climate of the region and the acidity of the soil. Very often, gardeners prefer the Northern cherry variety. In the article, we will analyze the features, characteristics, appearance, taste of this tasty culture.

Breeding history

Cherry Severnaya has a small pit and a whitish skin color with a visible bright scarlet blush. The main distinguishing feature of this particular variety is its resistance to cold, because it can grow in more inhospitable latitudes, and not only in the South.

Let us consider in more detail the description of the Northern cherry.

Description of culture

This variety has the advantage that it is not susceptible to fungal diseases.

Attention! At the same time, Northern cherries cannot pollinate themselves.

Pollinators for Northern cherries can be as follows:

  • Beauty.
  • People's.
  • Muscat.
  • Victory.


This variety is a plant that prefers warmth and does not tolerate windy weather. Therefore, the place where the tree is planted must be well protected.

Drought resistance, winter hardiness

The variety is not very resistant to droughts. Watering is done, especially when planting, quite often.

Important! The tree needs to be watered a lot, but at the same time, be careful not to flood the plant. Although it is planted in early spring, the soil needs to be prepared in the fall. Frost resistance of Northern cherries is high.

Pollination, flowering period and ripening times

Flowering occurs in medium terms, the size of the berries is small, somewhere around 4 g per berry, the shape is blunt-hearted, and it is very easy to separate the bone from the pulp. The skin of the fruit is of a beautiful pale pinkish color, maybe light yellow in color. The berry itself is juicy, the taste is sour-sweet, and after the tree is planted, the fruits appear in the fourth year. From the photo of the Northern cherry, it is clear that the berries are large in size.

Productivity fruiting

The first fruits should be expected during the summer season, sometime in mid to late July. The tree itself is of medium height, the crown is not dense, it looks neat. Reviews of the North cherry emphasize that the berries taste sweet with a slight sourness.

Disease and pest resistance

It is distinguished by its resistance, however, this variety is also good in that it is not at all afraid of diseases and fungus, mold. It is quite easy to grow it, it is only enough to process it occasionally for preventive purposes, and, of course, to carry out pruning and watering on time. Then a good harvest is guaranteed.

Advice! Caring for the Northern cherry is to protect it from cold winds as much as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this tree are that it requires a minimum of maintenance for maximum results. However, he also has a second name - "bird". This is explained by the fact that birds are very fond of this variety, and can destroy the crop right in front of you. Moreover, the birds do not pay attention to the various tricks that gardeners resort to. But now for this you can use special networks that are sold in the store.

Cherry Severnaya Syubarovoy is a variety that turned out by crossing Severnaya and Pobeda. It has a high yield threshold (18 kg per tree).


Cherry Northern, undoubtedly, will decorate any garden. Moreover, even beginners who are just trying their hand at such a thing can do this tree. Although this variety does not like winds, it nevertheless positively tolerates cold and even light frosts, giving a good harvest every year.


Nikityuk Anton, Kharkov

Last year I decided to plant Northern cherries in my dacha. At first, I watered it often - it seemed to take root. As I left to rest for 10 days, unfortunately, it completely dried up. Now I am thinking about purchasing this variety again.

Ivanova Maria, Nikolaev

I am very pleased with this variety. Does not require special care. The main thing is to plant in a place where there is no wind. Every year we enjoy delicious berries with our family. Loved by both adults and children.

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