How to choose a quality garden shredder for gardening

How to choose a quality garden shredder for gardening

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Recently, garden shredders have been especially popular among garden equipment, which really help to significantly reduce the amount of garden waste. How to choose the right unit and what features to pay attention to, we will tell in our article.

Reviews of garden shredders lead us to believe that such a plant is necessary in every country house. And why not, because practical equipment is very effective for destroying garden debris, for example, branches and stems of high weed. In addition, the device not only reduces the amount of garbage, but also makes it possible to use it for useful purposes.

The chopper really works for the benefit of the suburban area, since now you do not need to collect entire mountains of garbage, order freight vehicles for its removal or constantly burn garbage, poisoning with caustic smoke. You can always gently pack the chopped branches, bark, weeds in bags and take them out of the cottage sequentially. Not bad similar raw materials are also suitable for filling ravines or pits in the country, but it is even better if you use crushed organic garbage for the soil, using it in the form of environmentally friendly fertilizer, which you got absolutely free, or mulch that protects the soil from drying out and lots of weeds.

We were convinced of the use of the equipment, it remains only to choose the right garden shredder of wood and branches so that it lasts a long enough time, pleasing with high quality and work efficiency.

What to look for when choosing

The garden shredder should be chosen, taking into account the power, type of engine, type of knife system, the ability to process a variety of garbage, the weight of the unit, weight, size of the funnel for feeding garbage and its receiver, the possibility of automation, reverse system, protection and some other criteria.

Garden Shredder Knife System

There are two types of systems that are fundamentally different.

Disc knife system

It looks like a disk with steel knives, which can be two or more. The chopper shaft sets the stroke of the disc, the sharp knives of which process branches, bark, and so on. Processing speed and process quality depend on the material that is processed by the system. Most devices with a disk knife system are suitable for processing grass, leaves, stems, thin branches of trees. You can use them for dry branches, but in this case, the knives are dull much faster. Here it is already worth choosing what to sacrifice, the quality of processing or knives.

Milling Knife System

Solid in the form of a gear. It is much more reliable, and more practical, since it can also be used to process dry branches up to 40-45 mm in diameter. An indisputable advantage of such a system is the independent mechanism for retracting the branches - now you do not need to constantly push the branches into the funnel, just load them into the chopper, and you can go about your business for some time while the system independently processes the garbage. In addition, you can choose a unit with reverse and adjustment of the processing fraction, but remember that it is much more convenient to grind grass and leaves in grinders with a disk knife system.

Engine-type garden shredders

Be sure to pay attention to the type of engine of the garbage shredder and branches, as quality, speed and some other parameters of work depend on this.

Electrical units

Low-noise devices of small power (1.6-2.6 kW), which easily process branches with a diameter of about 3.5-4.5 cm. They are quite simple to maintain and can be purchased at an affordable price. Minus - electric grinders do not have sufficient mobility, since the movement is limited by the length of the electric cord, they are also sensitive to voltage drops in the network, but as for the power, you yourself understand.

Gasoline models

Powerful enough (up to 8 kW) devices that can handle almost any garbage in the country. They freely move around the land, process branches up to 6 cm in diameter. Such systems are equipped with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, which work well, but emit a lot of noise. It is important for a summer resident to remember that for high-quality and long-term operation, for more installations, it will be necessary to prepare the correct fuel mixture (oil and gasoline) in strict proportions.

Chopper selection by capacity

Here you can divide the equipment into three classes.

Amateur models

Low-power (up to 1.6 kW), electric grinders equipped with a knife cutting system made of high-quality hardened steel. The mass of the device is 12-20 kg, the processing of branches is up to 3 cm. Such equipment is intended for the care of young garden plots, where you can process the tops, weeds, young stems and branches, grass.

Middle class shredders

Electrical or petrol installations, the power of which is up to 2.5 kW. The weight is slightly larger than that of the amateur class units, but the possibilities are more interesting. Now you can also process middle summer cottages, chopping stems and branches with a diameter of up to 3.5 cm. Choppers move freely around the territory thanks to convenient wheels, often equipped with a retraction system, a milling-type steel cutting system, and a special funnel for the formation of mulch.

Professional equipment

The power of professional shredders reaches 3.8 kW, and sometimes even higher. They have large dimensions and serious weight, and can work on a three-phase electric or gasoline engine. Often, such machines are equipped with straight wide funnels, a strong cutting mill, and a retraction mechanism. Branches and stems are not only processed, but also pressed a little, resulting in high-quality mulch. Such plants can grind branches up to 6 cm thick, and therefore, they are most often used in large farms and gardens.

Garden Shredder Manufacturers

The market is full of offers, which means that you will have to choose not only the power, level and type of installation, but also the brand that will meet your requirements. To date, the following representatives are considered the most popular and in demand on the market:

  • Bosch;
  • Viking
  • Stiga
  • Alko.

Most often these are powerful installations that are used for medium and large areas.

Recommendations of specialists in the selection of equipment

Considering only the main criteria, you can miss a lot of the necessary nuances, and therefore, we took advantage of the help of the pros, who compiled a short list of tips for buying a garden shredder.

  • First of all, choosing a garbage shredder, set its maximum duties, so it will be easier for you to navigate by power and other parameters. Perhaps a simple electric grinder of grass will be enough for you, or maybe a universal garden one will come in handy.
  • Next, select the brand, price category, set of necessary characteristics, the weight of the machine, its mobility, and then go on to tips that should help you make the purchase even easier.
  • Choose a device with an inclined funnel of a cone type, since it will be much easier to maintain such a system.
  • Do not forget that for a quick and safe operation a special pusher is useful.
  • Choose a system with speed controls that will help trash garbage into large pieces, small mulch, and so on.
  • A garden shredder with several openings for supplying garbage for processing will be most convenient, for example, long branches on one side and smaller garbage on the other.
  • Pay attention to the pre-cutting knives, which simplify the work and extend the service life.
  • Try to choose the device with the lowest noise levels, the most suitable level is 84 dB.
  • Perhaps it will be possible to pick up a model with wheels, height adjustment, additional funnels.
  • Make sure that your garden shredder meets all quality requirements and is equipped with everything you need, such as protection systems.
  • Also, you need to remember that the correct instructions, additional knives for the unit and, possibly, some more replaceable parts will come in handy.

Garden Shredder Videos

Today, when we told you about the choice of a garden shredder, we also want to announce material about how to create such a device with your own hands. Very soon, we will talk about the drawings for the product, power, additional equipment and describe in detail the production scheme. Please follow the publications of our site!

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